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Mocha Moms, Inc.




There is currently no chapter in your city/state.  You are invited to charter a chapter. If you are interested in chartering a chapter, you should first read and review About Us, Anti-Discrimination Policy, and Mocha Moms, Inc. and the "Mommy Wars".  Here are some other things you should know before chartering:

"Where was Mocha Moms when I was first home?!" How many times have we heard that since we first started meeting! Starting a Mocha Moms, Inc. chapter in your area will fill a void you may not have realized exists. It's easy to feel that you are the only stay-at-home mother of color in your community, so finding each other is so affirming. Our roles of mothers and wives have become more enjoyable once we've found the camaraderie of a group of women who share our priorities. A few like-minded women who bond together to establish a Mocha Moms, Inc. chapter quickly grows in number and spirit. Here are some guidelines to getting started.

Each new chapter will need to be sponsored by a Regional Director, State Coordinator, National Board Member or a president or vice president of a local chapter. The sponsor's role as a new chapter sponsor is intended to insure consistent operating procedures between all local chapters and provide assistance/consultation where needed. Please refer to the Charter Application for specifics.

Each local chapter must submit monthly membership reports whenever the chapter welcomes a new member.

• Each chapter must submit a yearly Chapter Activity Report to the National Office. Reports are due annually on February 15th.

• Mocha Moms supports the choice of women of color to stay at home with their children. We do not attack other people for making different choices, we support us! Also, in any diverse group there is a chance that cliques can form. Do all that you to ensure that all participants in Mocha Moms play an active role in the organization--we can all learn from each other. And remember, ALL are welcome.

• You will need to use a member's home or a free location to have support group meetings - i.e. malls, community centers, churches, libraries, etc. Please note that securing a suitable, no cost location can be a time consuming process.

• You may want to attend some of the activities of an established chapter near you.

Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Good luck in your efforts.

To receive an application or for more information, please contact our
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