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Flint's Water Crisis: How You Can Help!



The Flint water crisis is a drinking water contamination disaster in Flint, Michigan that started in April, 2014. After the change in source from treated Lake Huron water (via Detroit) to the Flint River, the city's drinking water has been hit with a series of issues that culminated with lead contamination, creating a serious public health danger. Flint residents are no longer able to drink or use the water that comes through the city's pipes after it was determined to contain toxic levels of lead.

Please join the Mocha Moms, Inc. Greater Grand Rapids, MI Chapter in our pledge to help the residents of Flint by donating either sealed water bottles or money to one of the following organizations:

Water Donations

Lighthouse Full Life Center Church - until Wednesday, February 3rd, unload water on sidewalk and it will be picked up throughout the day
2415 Madison Ave SE, Door G
Grand Rapids, MI 49507


Art Van Furniture stores throughout West Michigan - until Thursday, February 11th

Monetary Donations

Water for Flint – First Trinity Missionary Church 

Flint Water Fund - accepting donations to help purchase water bottles and filters


Flint Child Health & Development Fund - requesting donations to help support health services for children exposed to lead in their drinking water


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