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National Executive Board

Direction for Mocha Moms, Inc. is provided by the National Executive Board, a dedicated group of volunteers. The National Board meets regularly to, among other things, determine ways to assist local chapters in their efforts to support members, plan national community service projects and events, establish policies and procedures, and assist in the formation of chapters. The members of the Executive Board are:

Left to Right: Danae Aicher, Kim Scott, Bettina Vance-Johnson,  Kuae Mattox,
Cheli English-Figaro, LaShaun Martin, Shalaun Newton, Gabriela Sanchez (National Administrator)

Cheli English-Figaro, Esq., Co-Founder & President Emerita
Kuae Mattox, National President

Shalaun Newton, National Director of Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships
LaShaun Martin, National Director of Social Media and Community Service
Kim Scott, National Treasurer

Danae Aicher, National Director of Communications

Dru Ealons, National Director of Advocacy and Public Policy

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