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SE Regional Mocha Moms Education Forum

In partnership with The National Council of Negro Women and The National Institutes for Literacy), the SE Regional Mocha Moms will host an Education Forum at Georgia State University in an effort to “Close the Gap on Minority Achievement.”

As Mocha Moms, our primary concern is to ensure the health and well-being of our families, and we strive to provide our children with the tools necessary to thrive in an often uncertain world.  Whether we send our children to public school, private school, parochial school or decide to home school, we want to ensure that our children are receiving the highest quality education that will nourish their minds, build their confidence and help them excel throughout their lives.

On Sunday, October 28th from 2:00pm-6:00pm, the Southeast Region Mocha Moms (in partnership with The National Council of Negro Women and The National Institutes for Literacy) will host an Education Forum at Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA) in an effort to “Close the Gap on Minority Achievement.”  Whether you have a newborn or a child preparing for college, parenting experts, education specialists and other notable speakers from across the country will present critical information, parenting strategies and educational approaches for you!


Education Forum Details

When:         Sunday, October 28th from 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Where:        Georgia State University

Donation:      $10 in advance - Mocha Moms/Mocha Dads

        $15 in advance – Non-Members
                       $20 at the door
                             §      Donations will be applied towards event expenses and any and all overage will be
                                   donated to the newly created community programming for the newly launched national 
                                   partnership between Mocha Moms, Inc. and the National Institutes for Literacy. 

Details:         Register online at

                            §       Registration in advance is strongly encouraged, particularly to attend the seminar topics 
                                   of interest to you!  Space is limited 
and this event is almost certain to sell-out!  Be sure to
                                   register early.
                            §       This event is open to the entire community.  Please feel free to invite your friends, 
                                   family and prospective Mocha Moms members!!!

                            §       Childcare will not be available at this event.  Parents are encouraged to make other 
                                   childcare arrangements.

Education Forum Objectives

After attending the Southeast Region Education Forum, parents will:

       §       Be equipped with the skills to identify specific techniques and strategies to assist them with their parenting.


       §       Learn how to develop a confident child through parent-child play


       §       Understand how foreign language education impacts brain development and


       §       Be presented with information regarding the different learning styles of children and how to give children 
            tools to excel based on their learning styles.
       §       Learn how to prepare their children for competitive private schools 
Be armed with tools to help Black Boys succeed in the classroom, as noted author & professor, Michael
              Porter (author of “Kill them before they grow: The misdiagnosis of African-American Boys in the 
            Classroom?”), will give tools navigate obstacles.
Receive valuable information about navigating the preschool conundrum, as preschool directors will be 
              on hand to explain different preschool curricula and educational philosophies.
       §       Discuss issues faced by African-American children at private schools and a “Diversity Coordinator” at a well 
              respected Atlanta-area private school will discuss how parents can help avoid them.
Understand how arming children with the power of choice (as early as preschool) improves standardized test 
              scores, builds confidence, and improves self-esteem.
Discover how to create teachable moments at home by finding new ways to work with their child(ren) and  
            make learning fun so their child(ren) will be a life-long learners excited about learning new things at home  
            and at school 
Become familiarized with the “Five Tiers to Success Design,” which incorporates the use of culturally 
              relevant instruction to engage students, as well as other strategies to ensure the academic success of their  
            African American children. 
Understand the significance of infusing culture into the school curriculum and how they can do this at home.
Learn about reinvent a communal responsibility of parenting and will alert interested Mochas to resources 
              available, tactics useable and steadfastness of purpose needed to parent children throughout their vastly  
            different and oftentimes challenging stages of physical growth, ability, learning, expectations and intimate
Become “change agents” upon returning to their homes, seeing them as “home schools.”

The Southeast Region Mocha Moms Education Forum will provide a platform for candid discussion on tools and resources that parents of color can use to “Close the Gap on Minority Achievement.” Our goal is to educate, strengthen and empower parents by arming them with information that will foster their child(ren)’s passion for learning, while also helping their (child)ren thrive inside the classroom.  Ultimately, we desire for parents to discover practical tools to empower our youth and equip them with tools to become successful in school and life.  Join us as we strive to make significant headway in “closing the gap in minority achievement.”  We hope to see you there!


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