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How to Charter a Mocha Moms, Inc. Chapter



Who can charter a chapter?
A minimum of five people must first form a Mocha Moms Interest Group. The lead applicant must identify herself as a stay-at-home mom. No more than 20% of the members of an interest group may be employed full-time, traditional hours (Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm) outside the home. The Interest Group should meet to review and study the charter information packet that has been sent to a member of their interest group and to collaborate to complete the charter application and individual membership applications.

What are charter members?
Charter members are the founding mothers of a new chapter. Once an interest group becomes an actual chapter, the charter members form the first Executive Board of that new chapter. Charter members must agree to follow the mission and purpose of the organization and be able to explain the mission and purpose of Mocha Moms, Inc. to anyone who asks.

What else is needed?
The interest group must obtain a sponsor.

Who is a sponsor?
The sponsor is a current member of the Mocha Moms, Inc. Inner Circle of Leaders (Network Director, Regional Director or State Coordinator) or a current or immediate past Local Chapter President.

What does the sponsor do for the interest group?
The sponsor helps the interest group complete the charter application, answers their questions, signs the charter application, sends the application and other required documents to the National Office, coordinates the interest group’s interview with a member of the National Board, is present for the interview and serves as the new chapter’s mentor for at least one year.

What happens during the interview?
The charter members and the sponsor will speak with a member of the National Board. Their charter application is reviewed and discussed. The National Board member will ask questions of the charter members to insure they are familiar with the mission and purpose of the organization and will give tips on running a newly chartered chapter. Charter members may also ask questions and have any concerns addressed. The interview takes up to 90 minutes. Only two interviews are scheduled per month.

How long does the process take?
Once the charter application, individual membership applications and fees are submitted, it takes approximately three months for an application to be reviewed and the interview scheduled. After the interview, the interest group is presented before the National Board and it is there that it is determined whether or not a charter will be granted.

Should an interest group collect or ask perspective members to send in membership applications while an interest group is in the chartering process?
No. Any application that Nationals receives for membership into a chapter that does not yet exist will be returned to the sender. The only membership applications and dues that should be sent in are the ones of the charter members which accompany the charter application. All of those documents and fees should be sent in one packet to the Bowie PO Box address that is listed on the charter application.

When does the interest group become an actual chapter?
The interest group becomes a chapter after it receives its charter, 70-page operating manual and other documents in the mail. Until that time, your group of moms is an interest group and you should not collect dues from new moms or ask them to send dues and membership applications to the National Office as your chapter will not be recognized and the application and money will be returned.

When are new chapters chartered?
New chapters are chartered from February through May of every year. But, if an interest group has been meeting throughout that time in an attempt to complete their application and the National Board has been notified of that fact, their application will be accepted and reviewed after May.


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