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Advertising Opportunities: Our Members

Our members are a diverse group of nearly 3,000 women, who share one common bond: a strong commitment to their families and children.

  • Average Age Group: 25-45
  • Marital Status: More than 92% are married.
  • Education: More than 85% of our members have Bachelor‘s degrees, Master‘s degrees and/or PhD.‘s/Doctorates.
  • Employment: 71% of our members are at home mothers, while 15% are employed full-time and 14% are employed either part-time or utilize flex-time.
  • Household Incomes: More than 82% of our members have household incomes of over $60,000, 67% over $80,000 and 35% over $100,000
  • Children: Average Number of Children Per Member: 2+; Average Age: 1-5
  • More than 97% have access to the internet.


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