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Advertising Opportunities: The Make-up of our Advertisers

Mocha Moms, Inc. is interested in advertisers who:

  • Have a strong commitment to the American family.
  • Understand the value of mothers and mothering and depict mothers both working and at home positively.
  • Recognize that women of color value their children and their families and can be stay-a-home mothers by choice.
  • Recognize the economic power of women of color and families of color.
  • Recognize and depict the families of color and all families of color as part of the mainstream American landscape.
  • Have a strong commitment to education.
  • Have an interest in closing the education, financial and health gap between the African American community and other communities.

The trademark Mocha Moms is a registered trademark of Mocha Moms, Inc.
The trademark Mocha Moms can only be used upon expressed written permission from Mocha Moms, Inc.