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Mocha Moms of Greater Columbus, Ohio Chapter Kicks off their Occupy Schools Initiative

Contact: Edwynna Freeman, Community Service Chair
Mocha Moms of Greater Columbus, Ohio Chapter

COLUMBUS, OH - Occupy Schools was created to empower parents to be active, involved and engaged in their children's schools and to send a clear message that parents are partners in their children's education. Occupy Schools starts where academic success begins - at home - where our mothers and fathers pledge to build strong educational foundations for their families. It will continue into schools and communities across the country, as parents from all walks of life commit to spending more time in their children's schools, communicating regularly with teachers, sharing ideas and exchanging information with administrators, and holding themselves and others accountable for providing children with the type of high quality education they deserve. (Mocha Moms, Inc.)

Mocha Moms of Greater Columbus, Ohio Chapter will kick off the Occupy Schools initiative starting the week of November 3, 2013.  The chapter has planned an educational outing to the Columbus Museum of Arts.  Children will tour the facility and get a chance to explore creative thinking and imagination through contemporary art practices.  The event is open to the public. During the week of November 3, Mochas will be encouraged to support the Occupy School initiative by engaging their children in a number of education activities, signing the Occupy Schools pledge, and volunteering at their child’s preschool/school.
So after this...what do we say to our sons about who they are and what is their value? We can hug them and hold them and protect them all we can. We can sit them down and have "the talk" all know what I'm talking about...about what to say, how to dress and how to walk...not too fast son, but wait, not too slow. Yet, a world of institutionalized racism awaits, ready to pounce, ready to dig, ready to taunt, and today, despite an African American president at the helm and a growing national population of people of color, we continue our struggle.

About Greater Columbus Ohio Chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc.: Mocha Moms, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, created to support and encourage women of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside the home in order to devote more time to their families. Mocha Moms, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 and received 501(c)(3) non-profit status in January 2002. There are now over 100 chapters of Mocha Moms, Inc. throughout the United States and the organization is continually growing and evolving to meet the needs of moms, their families, and the communities they live in.



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