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NOLA Occupy Schools/Mocha Literacy Kickoff Event

The New Orleans Chapter (NOLA) of Mocha Moms, Inc. had a successful Occupy Schools/Mocha Literacy Kickoff Event.  On October 25, 2013, NOLA Mocha Moms promoted the Occupy Schools initiative and dedicated the Mocha Moms reading corner in the school library of the Judge Lionel Collins School, a school impacted by Hurricane Katrina. NOLA provided the and staff with doughnuts and refreshments for breakfast. NOLA Mocha Moms donated 100 books to the school library, 50 books for the PreK/K classroom libraries and TONS of math, reading and science classroom resources/materials to the school. There was great participation from the parents and encouragement for community service projects from the faculty and staff.

In addition to Judge Lionel Collins School, NOLA Mocha Moms donated books, reading, math and science classroom materials to KIPP Central City Primary School, International School of Louisiana Camp St, Lusher Charter School, Fannie C Williams Charter School and the local Classical Conversations Homeschool group. That's how New Orleans Mocha Moms Occupy Schools!

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