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Jordan Davis Murder Trial Statement

Mocha Moms, Inc. is pleased that Michael Dunn will serve perhaps decades- effectively the rest of his life- in prison for the attempted murder of three teenagers at a Jacksonville gas station in 2012. Justice has been served for those three young men.

However, Jordan Davis, the 17-year-old killed on that fateful night, and his family have yet to see justice.

We respect the hard work of the jurors in this trial. Still, their inability to reach a guilty verdict is extremely disappointing. By his own admission, Dunn found the music the boys were listening to that night repulsive and the boys, themselves, threatening. He even imagined he saw them with a gun.

As mothers of young black men and boys, we Mocha Moms are tired of the criminalization of our sons based upon myths and perceived danger. Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and its loose self-defense standards serve to excuse the murder of our sons based upon those myths and perceived dangers.

This must end!

It is clear from this case, as well as the Trayvon Martin case and others, that justice cannot be fully served in cases where that law is being applied.  Any law that allows racial presuppositions to justify murder, even in the name of self-defense, is indefensible, bad public policy and quite possibly unconstitutional.

Danae Jones Aicher

National Director of Communications

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