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My Brother's Keeper Initiative

Statement from Mocha Moms, Inc. on My Brother's Keeper Initiative

Mocha Moms, Inc. applauds President Barack Obama's announcement today launching his historic My Brother's Keeper initiative and the Obama administration's longstanding commitment to reaching out and lifting up young men and boys of color.

As mothers of young black men and boys, we are doing everything we can to get the tools we need to help our children succeed and to prepare them to be more than productive citizens of our society. We are trying to raise exemplary and well rounded young men with strong values and a deep sense of personal responsibility. Sometimes, though, outside forces work against us. We know that regardless of socioeconomic standing, our sons are at risk, at risk of low educational achievement, harsher disciplinary action in school, lower employment opportunities, and at higher risk of being engaged in the criminal justice system.

Some will say that this initiative is too little, too late. As mothers of these young men and boys, children who have warmed our hearts and lit up our lives, we can tell you that it is never too late to help our boys and young men, but we know that it will take a village. We know what community efforts work to save our sons. We know mentoring works. We know opening up the doors of opportunity through scholarships, hope and change work. For decades, we’ve been doing this on a small scale throughout the country, and as a national organization of mothers of color, we are committed to doing our part to see to it that our children succeed despite the odds.

We are thrilled that the President and his administration have committed to helping us expand those efforts so that more young men of color can benefit. We strongly encourage the private sector to join the President and to join us, as we move forward with our own Occupy Schools™ initiative to encourage more parents of color to be active and engaged in their children's education. It is good for our boys. It is good for our families. It is good for our communities and good for our country. There is much work to be done. Our sleeves are rolled up, and we are ready.

Danae Jones Aicher
National Director of Communications

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