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Calling All Employed Mochas: We Want to Hear Your Story!

by Kuae Kelch Mattox

If you are employed, Mocha Moms, Inc. would love to hear YOUR story to possibly share with a partner interested in learning more about the current issues that our working mothers are experiencing. This is vital information that could serve to help other mothers across the country in a similar position or situation. We will most likely be reaching out to you via email for additional information. Please consider sharing with us a short paragraph describing your story, along with your city/state of residence and best phone number to reach you.

We need all stories no later than 5pm on TUESDAY, JUNE 10...tight turnaround! Send them to with your name and story category in the subject line . For example: Kuae Mattox/Small Business Owner

Click here for the categories in which we are looking for stories...and thanks!


1.       Hourly Worker: Employee from a wage friendly company, who has been at the company for several years, talks about importance of making a living wage to her family and why she continues to work at that employer.

2.       Small business Owner – Hourly Wages: Small business owner who pays above minimum wage for his/her hourly employees who can tell the story about why it’s important for retention and business.

3.       Paid leave – New Child:  Couple tell their story of taking leave; ideally, one or other would not have received paid leave and had to take unpaid. Would be good to have both a man and a woman so could also make the case for men taking paternity leave. And also making the case that this is not just a women’s issue.

4.       Paid Leave - Caregiving: A mother who is raising her children but is also responsible for caring for an ailing parent and was able to take time off to take care of parent.

5.       Paid Sick Days – Small Business Owner: Small business owner who provides paid sick days to employees who can make the case for why it’s important to provide paid sick days.

6.       Paid Sick Days – Caring for Child: Worker who faced challenges on the job for taking timing off to care for special needs child.

7.       Predictive scheduling: Employee whose employer provides predictive scheduling and how that helps with child care and other family responsibilities.

8.       Equal pay discrimination: Story of a woman who discovered she was being paid less than a man at the same level.

9.       Employee-Employer Good Policies. Someone who can tell the story of how employer’s policies helped through tough time – whether around pregnancy, care giving or other work place policies.

10.   Employer and Employee – Paid Leave: Discuss how work place policies enabled a woman to not only stay at her job but thrive. Employer discusses why made these changes/employee how benefited – paid leave and on-ramping back.

11.   Pregnancy Discrimination: Woman who was fired or otherwise discriminated against because of her pregnancy.

12.   Flexibility: Employee talks about how her employer offering flex-time has enabled her to take care of X without fear of retaliation.

13.   STEM: Woman who founded a start-up and explains importance of more women entering science and tech fields.

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