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Mocha Tips: Finding the Right Sitter

We asked, you answered!



The primary purpose of Mocha Moms is to support our sister Moms. One of the issues many of us face is finding sitters, especially those of us who do not live near our extended family members. Last week we asked you for your tips on what to ask potential babysitters, and you gave us some excellent tips!

Jamila Ward and Tiffany Thompson with the Anne Arundel, MD Chapter referred us to an extensive list of questions from

Additionally, Tiffany included this helpful list of Sitter interview questions along with great legal advice once you find that perfect match.

•    How long have you been caring for children? How old were they?
•    What is your favorite age to care for and why?
•    Do you have other work or life experience that you can bring that will help you do this job well?
•    Are you trained in CPR? Classes in childcare? Education level?
•    Do you swim, play sports or musical instruments? Do you like arts & crafts? (ask about any activities that are important to you)
•    What do you like best about taking care of children?
•    What do you find most challenging about taking care of children?
•    Have you had negative work situations? If so, what have you learned from them?
•    What is your view of disciplining a child? Describe yourself (strengths and weaknesses)
•    How have you handled difficult situations like a baby crying uncontrollably or a child talking back?
•    Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Explain the circumstances.
•    Is there anything that can or may prevent you from handling the physical demands of this job?

When you find a good match, also have them sign a babysitting contract which includes:
•    a confidentiality clause (any and all private information obtained about your family during employment, including but not limited to medical, financial, legal, and career, are strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party for any reason);
•    Grounds for Termination (allowing the safety of our children to be compromised, inconsistent or non-performance of agreed-upon job responsibilities, any concerning issues in background checks, dishonesty, theft, drug use, unapproved guests);
•    and a Social Media Policy (no information about your location, plans for the day, or pictures of your children should be shared across ANY social media network. Employee will also not tell strangers where you are spending the day or any information about your family unless authorized).


  We hope you’ll weigh in on the next question:

 I was thinking about taking a friend to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. This is an interactive exhibition built around the Lorraine Motel where Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. My friend and I would have to bring our children with us, ages 1-7. Do you think this is too much too soon?

At what age do you begin to teach black history to your children? Topics including slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, African-American achievers, and more?

Send your responses to
using Mocha Tips in the subject line. Please be sure to include your full name, the name of your chapter, and a picture if you have one.  If you have any questions you’d like to pose to our Moms across the country, send those along as well.

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