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Occupy School Events

Check for upcoming events in your city



Is your chapter looking for a way to get an Occupy Schools event credit? Here are a list of events your chapter can co-host and receive credit.

Minneapolis: August 19-21, 2014
19 - Breck School
Educator Workshop
Evening Screening (Public)
20: TPT
Public School Engagement (Full schedule TBD)
Parent Workshop

Omaha: August 21-23, 2014
21: NET
Evening Screening of American Promise
22: NET
Educator Workshop & Book Signing
23: NET
Youth and Parent Workshop
Afternoon Book Signing

Washington, DC: September 7-9
9: Bus Boys
Book Signing (Public) 5:00-7:00p

Baltimore: September 13-15, 2014
15: Open Society Foundation
Panel Discussion

Philadelphia: September 20-22, 2014
Educator Workshop (Public)
22: Germantown Friends School
Screening Q&A

Miami: October 22-24, 2014
24: University of Miami
Screening and Discussion

New Orleans: October 25-26, 2014
25: Creative Conversations
Panel and Discussion
26: Creative Conversations
Panel and Discussion

Pittsburgh: December 3-5, 2014
4: Sewickley Academy

Markets with TBD dates:
New York

It would be great to have a conversation with Parents from each of these cities. To find out how your community of Parents can get involved email

Want to be more involved in your child(ren)'s education? Join the Occupy Schools Movement!

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