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Important Obamacare Update

Are you concerned about last week’s news? Let us clarify that for you.


Are you concerned about last week’s news that a high court struck down the tax incentives/subsidies given to people signing up for the Affordable Care Act? We have a few facts for you to put your mind, and those of your friends and family, at ease. First a recap and explanation of the ruling known as Halbig v. Burwell:  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit cast a 2-1 decision saying that the insurance subsidies can’t be awarded through the federally-run exchanges offered in 36 states; those subsidies can only be issued through the state-run programs.

But that doesn’t mean those who have already enrolled have to give up hope of financial assistance. Here are a few additional facts:

• While the judicial process plays out, it's important for consumers to know that this ruling will not affect the financial assistance they may have received to help pay for their health insurance plan. If you have gotten coverage through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, you will continue to benefit from any tax credit you may have received.

• The financial assistance made available by the Affordable Care Act to help consumers afford health coverage has made a huge difference for millions of families.
• In fact, 85% of the eight million Americans who signed up for health insurance on federal and state-based marketplaces received financial assistance to help pay for their plan.
• The intention of the law is clearly to make health insurance affordable for all Americans, wherever they reside. That's why two federal district court judges have found that the plaintiffs’ claims lacked merit and dismissed the case, and many experts predict today's ruling to be reversed.
To close, below is the official statement from the DOJ Spokeswoman Emily Pierce:
“Two of three judges in a federal appellate court declared that federal law does not allow federal taxpayers purchasing insurance in the federally-run, rather than state-run, Health Insurance Marketplace to receive federal financial assistance.  We believe that this decision is incorrect, inconsistent with Congressional intent, different from previous rulings, and at odds with the goal of the law: to make health care affordable no matter where people live.  The government will therefore immediately seek further review of the court’s decision.  In the meantime, to be clear, people getting premium tax credits should know that nothing has changed, tax credits remain available.”

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