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A special message from Mocha Moms, Inc.

Response to the Michael Brown tragedy


It is with heavy hearts that Mocha Moms, Inc. is compelled to speak out against yet another murder of one of our sons. Eighteen year old Michael Brown was unarmed and heading off to college when he was shot and killed by a Ferguson, MO police officer. Brown's mother may not have been an official member of our organization but she is one of us. Any one of us could be her. We all mourn the loss of her son and condemn the ongoing criminalization of our boys.

When our boys are young, we teach them that the police are there to protect them. As they grow older, we're forced to teach them how to behave when approached by an officer or risk losing them. Something is wrong with that picture. This can't go on!  

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with Michael Brown's mother and the rest of his family. Our minds are on ways we can make this stop.

In the meanwhile, please consider signing this petition calling on federal and city officials to rigorously investigate, prosecute, and fire all officers involved.

With Much Mocha Love,

The Mocha Moms, Inc. National Board
Kuae, Cheli, LaShaun, Shalaun, Kim, Bettina and Danae

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