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What Mocha Moms Can Do

Justice For Mike Brown


Many of you have expressed a strong desire to do something to support Michael Brown's family and/or the people of Ferguson, MO.  We've heard you and want you to know that we support you!

A couple of chapters have decided to organize rallies and marches in support of Michael Brown's family and in protest of violence against our sons. GO FOR IT! We just ask that you let us know your plans and work with the Board on some guidelines. We want all of us to be on the same page and message. Below, you will find some ideas from what a couple of local chapters are already planning.

*    Organizers are asking participants to wear white shirts, just as Michael Brown was wearing as well as a symbol of peace. White ribbons, in hair, tied to strollers, etc are also encouraged.
*    Ask people to walk with their hands up and waving an American flag to show that we are ALL Americans, even our Black boys.

1. To pray for peace.
2. To show solidarity for the protesters in Ferguson
3. To show support for the family of Michael Brown
4. To advocate for transparency and a full, unbiased investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown
5. To let communities know "but for the grace of God there go I". This situation could happen anywhere to any of us.

1. Sign the petition asking for transparency and full accountability
2. Open a public discourse in their own communities, at preschool pick up, playground play dates, soccer games, cheer practice, etc about the need for understanding and openness between people of all races.


If you can't pull together a rally or march but still want to do something, you can host a Twitter Discussion using these guidelines:
*    Use Hashtag #MochaCares
*    Tag @mochamoms and we'll RT (Retweet)
*    Share your thoughts and concerns in a productive way
*    Refrain from using defamatory postings
*    Defamatory postings include but are not limited to:  racial, sexist, insulting, unlawful or threatening to another's safety or privacy.
*    All postings should be consistent with the culture and principles of Mocha Moms, Inc. Please find our official social media guidelines here

Please contact us at to report back, or if you have any questions.

With Much Mocha Love,

The Mocha Moms, Inc. National Board

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