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Featured Mochapreneur

Robin Page is the creator of College Hoodies 4 Kids and she runs her own consulting firm, Kingdom Living Day by Day, LLC.


Can college hoodies save our kids? That’s what this week’s Mochapreneur is hoping. Robin Page is Treasurer of the Hampton Roads (VA) Mocha Moms chapter. Like the rest of us, she was disturbed by the murder of Trayvon Martin. A mother of a 10-year old daughter and 8-year old son, the story of an unarmed black teen being shot down in the street because of a perceived threat hit close to home.

Then as she was leaving her neighborhood one day, she noticed a young African-American girl wearing a college hoodie at the bus stop.  She says she didn’t know the young woman but immediately felt proud of her.  Not long afterwards she created College Hoodies 4 Kids (CH4K):  “When you see a Kid in a College Hoodie, You see a Kid with a Future!” 

CH4K has a mission to clothe minority and low-income kids in college apparel.  Robin believes this will help our kids to see themselves differently, work harder in school and improve their attitude toward life.  She hopes another tremendous benefit will be that the general public will see them differently; people will see the kids as having a future and therefore value. 

Robin is a former Human Resources professional who became what she calls a Professional Mom in 2003. She also runs her own consulting firm, Kingdom Living Day by Day, LLC.

For more information about College Hoodies 4 Kids, please visit

Thank you for all that you do Robin!

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