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Mocha Moms Date Nights!

2015 dates



One of the cornerstones of Mocha Moms, Inc. is maintaining, strengthening and celebrating strong marriages. That's why we're starting a Mocha Moms National Date Night!

We're asking those of you who are married to mark your calendar for pre-scheduled dates when Mocha Moms and Dads across the country will stop and spend some time focusing on just each other. Then, of course, we want you to send in pictures to

Upcoming Mocha Moms 2015 National Date Nights:

Sunday, March 22 - Black Marriage Day
Saturday, May 9
Saturday, July 11
Saturday, September 12
Saturday, November 14

Are you single? Don't worry! We've got something special for you too. SEE HERE!

How many of you didn't have a #MochaDateNight because you didn't have a sitter or the finances? Date nights don't always have to be glitz and glamour.

Just take the word of Mocha Tamra Simpson:

“Let me first start by saying how great I think this initiative is. Strong families start with strong marriages. As busy moms and dad's sometimes we get caught up in taking care of the kids and dont always make the time or effort to focus on one another. When I got the email about date night it was going to be too hard to find a sitter. They don't grow on trees when you are relatively new to an area. We decided to have a date at home and made every effort to get all kids down (or at least out our hair) so we could have alone time together. I made a special dinner, rented a movie, and got a bottle of wine. We had a great time talking and laughing. He didn't mind I had my hair in rollers. This is us. We had one party crasher but I figure 1/3 kids isn't so bad. Thanks again.” 

So put the kids to bed and get creative. Here are a few ideas below, so there's no excuse. Spending TIME together is the key. Be sure to share your ideas too. Someone else may need a little motivation!

Date Night Ideas At Home:

1.  Iron Chef Chocolate: Make a meal with chocolate featured in every course. Make a meal together or divide up the courses between each of you and surprise the other with your sweet & savory creations.

2.  Make It a Theme Night! Choose a theme and center everything you do around it. If you choose an Italian theme, you could eat spaghetti and gelato, then watch an Italian movie. Other fun themes: Mexican, Asian, New Year, 1980's etc.

3. Living Room Camp-Out: Get anything you have that makes you feel like you're camping out and set it up in your living room (i.e. tents, camping chairs, turn off the lights and use flashlights, blankets…).

4. Picnic: How about a candlelight picnic on your bedroom or living room floor? Turn on the fireplace to set the mood, or pull one up on YouTube :-).

5.  Crepes in Paris (no ticket required): Spend an evening in Paris right in your very own home enjoying create-your-own-crepes.

6. DIY Photoshoot:  When’s the last time the two of you were in the same photo? Using your tripod or Apple photo booth, snap pics together in various rooms of your home for memories you’ll never forget. Be sure to have fun with it. Don't take yourselves seriously.

7. Kid-Free Slumber Party: Make a cozy pallet for you and your spouse on the living room floor with lots of blankets, pillows, snacks, and movies. Call it a ‘slumber party.‘ 

8. All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go: Pull out your nicest formal dress from your last cruise or even from your high school college prom (if yours still fits.. good for you!) Light dozens of tea candles, and have a romantic dinner.

9. Out of Character: Dress up as an actor from a movie and pick the character for each other.

10. Dream Date by Design: Design your own Dream Date with an easy survey! Have your sweetheart do one also, to create two amazing dates! You'll have great ideas for future date nights.

11.  Turn Your Bedroom Into a Love Nest: Hang a canopy from your bedroom ceiling. Fill the room with candles and other romantic items. Pretend that you are tucked away in a hotel room or cottage somewhere.

12. Dance the night away:  Rehash the days of the high school dance. Turn down the lights and turn up the music. Getting close is the point, and what better way to get close to your spouse than dancing in your own private gala?

13. Memories: Write out the story of how you met (and fell in love) or video tape it. Your kids will be so grateful and it's so fun to go back and read (or watch) years down the road. It’s amazing how much you will forget!

14. Wine Bar at Home: Buy a few different bottles of wine (get 20 great picks under $20), make a plate of meats and cheeses, light some candles and load up your iPod with your favorite tunes.

15. Play the Newlywed Game! See how well you really know one another. Have prizes for every correct answer. You can check out some fun questions here.

Happy dating!



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