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Member Benefits...

Local Chapter Participation
Participate in all local chapter events and activities, including mothers' support meeting with topics pertinent to your life, community service projects, moms' night outs, and kids' socials. 

Sisterhood and Community 
Work in concert with mothers who understand your perspective as a mother of color, who share your experiences and who will both learn from you and teach you what they know.

Use and develop leadership and management skills by taking a leadership role in your chapter. Chapter leadership offers a wonderful opportunity to use and hone your talents. 

Exclusive Access 
Members receive invites to exclusive special events, screenings and activities 

Member Bulletins 
Receive information-packed bulletins via email with tips, articles, recipes, and news from Mocha Moms, Inc. chapters nationwide.

Online Support 
Access to Member's Only Section of Mocha Moms, Inc. website which includes news and information, access to newsletters, photos and communications from chapters around the country, and links. 

Reduced rates for participation in all national, regional and state Mocha Moms, Inc. functions.

Community Service Opportunities 
Work with other mothers on Community Service initiatives that benefit our communities here and abroad.

Educational Summits 
Encourage parents to be strong educational advocates for their children, as well as other children in their communities. 

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