Occupy Schools™ Pledge

I, _____________________________, commit to making a difference in the academic outcomes of all children by first dedicating my efforts to the academic success of my own child.  I, therefore pledge to:

  • Practice healthy living habits by ensuring that my child has nutritious meals, adequate rest and exercise.
  • Restrict the amount of time my child spends watching television, playing video games, using the computer and phone for non-educational purposes.
  • Create an environment in my home that promotes learning.
  • Maintain regular, positive communication with my child’s teachers.
  • Volunteer at my child’s school and participate in school functions.
  • Ensure that my child has necessary school supplies and organizational tools.
  • Monitor homework daily and assist when needed.
  • Provide stability in my home with routines and practices that support healthy academic, social, and emotional development for my children. 
  • Encourage my child’s spirit by celebrating his or her strengths and providing support in areas of challenge.

I will do these things and support Mocha Moms' efforts to educate parents throughout my community to do the same.

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