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Pinktober - Breast Cancer Awareness


October is PINKtober! Mocha Moms, Inc. celebrates our Pink Ribbon Warriors and brings awareness to breast cancer in our community.

Here's what we know:

  • Breast cancer affects more women than any other type of cancer and is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women.
  • Among women younger than 45, breast cancer incidence is higher among African American women than White women.
  • African American women have a 31% breast cancer mortality rate – the highest of any U.S. racial or ethnic group.
  • Younger women in general, and younger African American women in particular, are more likely to present with the triple negative subtype of the disease, a subtype that is both more aggressive and associated with a higher mortality.

While we can't prevent breast cancer, it is important to be proactive about our health. Doing so will help reduce the risk for certain types of cancer.

Make your breast health a priority! Prevention and early detection is key. Here is an easy checklist of reminders:

  • Have a mammogram
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stay physically active
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Do not smoke
  • Limit alcohol consumption

See these resources for more information:

Posted: October 4, 2021


Domestic Violence Awareness Month


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are victims of physical violence by a partner every year. About 85 percent of domestic abuse victims are women and 15 percent are men. The statistics are alarming for people of color who are disproportionately affected and may find it difficult to seek help. It is vital that we continue to discuss this epidemic of abuse in our community year round, know how to recognize it and seek help. Domestic violence can come in many forms, including physical, emotional, psychological and financial.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please go to the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help. If you are in danger, call 911.

Posted: October 4, 2021


"SHE IS" Mocha Theme Song


Start the music! Our MOCHA THEME SONG is now available on ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS! Dance to the sounds of "SHE IS" with your Mocha Sisters to kick off your chapter meetings, special events, community service, Moms' Night Out/In and Mocha Holidays.

Simply search "SHE IS" by LaShaun Martin, our own VP, on: TIKTOK! Siri and Alexa will also rock it for you! COMING SOON to: Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories!

Apple Music
Amazon Music

Posted: September 10, 2021

Meet Our New Parent Nation Coordinator


Linda Adams Williams was born and raised in San Francisco, both of her parents served in the US Army during the Vietnam Conflict and were stationed at the Presidio. Her father was deployed to Vietnam during her mother’s pregnancy and met Linda for the first time 5 months after her birth. Her parents taught her to be independent, to self-advocate, to love the Lord and do well in school.

Linda has been married to her husband, Lance for 21 years. She is the mother of 3 daughters, Sharmian (35), Amiel (18),Olivia (13), son in law (Ayodele) and has one grandchild (so far). Her first daughter was born when she was only 15 years old. Determined to not become a “statistic” She never missed a day of school during her pregnancy, except for the day Sharmian was born and two weeks after. After graduation, Linda attended CSU, Sacramento and earned a BA in Ethnic Studies. Throughout college she supported herself and Sharmian with financial aid grants and student loans, and public assistance until she got her first paycheck from her first full time job at a non-profit organization providing college and academic advising to underrepresented students in San Francisco..

Linda is a charter member of the Contra Costa-West chapter since 2004. Since becoming a Mocha Mom, Linda has developed lifelong friendships and a sisterhood with mothers across the nation. Her fondest memories of being a Mocha are Moms Night Out and Girlfriend Getaway weekends. She absolutely adores her Mocha sisters and cherishes these relationships.

Linda is currently the Site Operations Manager at Richmond Charter Academy, she has served her community for 28 years providing college advising, educational support and academic intervention services to youth in Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco. Linda is also the president and founding member of the Black Parent Advisory Group for Albany Unified School District. Her favorite quote is “Every child can learn, just not at the same time and not in the same way.” She practices this mantra daily by meeting students where they are and providing the resources they need to reach where they want to be.

To connect with Linda, email

Posted: May 17, 2021

Meet Our New Northeast Regional Director


Hollis E. Thomas is an apparel executive with nearly 20 years’ experience in retail buying and wholesale sales. Specializing in business planning, execution, and relationship building, she is a strategic thinker that takes pride in building teams focused on success. Currently, the Manager of Customer Development at Hanesbrands Inc, Hollis has full financial responsibility for retail, outlet and online product assortments and profitability for Polo Ralph Lauren men’s underwear and sleepwear.

A positive presence with a knack for influencing change, Hollis sits on the Board of Directors for YWCA Northern New Jersey where she recently took on a leadership role as Vice President of the Board. Other leadership roles consist of Co-Chair of the 2020 "Walking the Talk" fundraising Gala and immediate past two-term President of the Bergen County New Jersey Chapter of Mocha Moms Inc.

Standing on the platform of empowerment for all women and girls, Hollis is active in her local community lead by her favorite quote; “You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering, and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” – Shirley Chisholm

Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, Hollis E. Thomas currently resides in Fort Lee, New Jersey. She is married to Roderick Thomas of Hartsville, South Carolina and they have one daughter, Camryn. Her parents, Hollis and Krista Larkins reside in Jacksonville, Florida and have been married for 53 years.

To connect with Hollis, contact

Posted: April 26, 2021

Mocha Tweens and Teens Network

Donna C. Clayton, Tweens and Teens Network Director

The pandemic has deeply impacted people of all ages, but imagine being a tween or a teen during this time. They are missing a friend group, a sports team, a club/organization, and have been trapped in the house for what feels like forever. In light of these times, the Mocha Tween and Teen Network is here to provide a platform that fosters creativity and encourages expressions & connections with other Mocha TnT (tweens and teens) in a safe, virtual environment.

The Tweens and Teens Network is run at the chapter level by the Tweens and Teens Network Chapter Liaison with the assistance of the chapter president and chapter board.  If you have tweens and teens, now is a great time to join the network.  All current Mocha Moms, Inc. members are welcome by clicking HERE.

Posted: April 12, 2021

Mochas with Adult Children

Debra Stern, Mochas with Adult Children Network Director

As we move into the mothering phase of our lives where our children are grown and flown, as we face an empty nest, as we work through the changing role of ourselves to our adult children, the power of Mocha Moms sisterhood is still as important for you as it was when our babies were babies. The Mochas with Adult Children Network (Mocha MAC) was developed for all of the Mochas out there moving into the new phase of their mothering journey where the kids are grown and flown. Many Mochas in this stage of their lives, with children who are college-aged and beyond, still want to connect with other Mocha Moms on a similar life path and this network is there for you.

The Mocha MAC is a new and exciting network for Mocha Moms, Inc. as the organization moves forward to acknowledge the different phases of the mothering journey. Mocha MAC has quickly become a space for Moms to come together to talk about this new role, share resources on life at a certain age and explore the many layers of being the parent of adult children. The mothering role is still significant, but different. The needs of the family are different. The support and connection that we all had with Mocha Moms when our children were young is still necessary as our children grow and family dynamics shift. The questions and concerns are still there, the need for support and sisterhood still necessary. Whether you are parenting an older teen or young adult in high school and college or adjusting to an empty nest, the Mocha MAC Network might be just the right community of Mocha Moms like you.

The Mocha MAC network has been going strong for almost one year now. As a network with Moms all over the country, we have leaned into the virtual world to put together a variety of programs of interest to the group. Kicking off with a virtual Book Club Zoom focusing on the book Grown and Flown: How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults by Lisa Hartman and Mary Dell Harrington, the network has been meeting on a monthly basis around many fun and interesting “virtual” experiences, including cookie exchange, Paint and Sip and Vision Boarding.

Debra Stern, the Mocha MAC Network Director, is a mother of two grown and flown daughters in college and one son still at home in high school. The group has quickly gelled into a supportive group of Moms at similar places in their mothering journey. Along with the monthly meetings, the group has ongoing communication to provide support to each other as Mocha Moms do.

If this sounds like just the network you are looking for, we hope that you will consider joining the network. We welcome any new current Mocha Moms, Inc. members and if you are interested, click HERE to join the network.

Posted: March 29, 2021

Meet Our New South-Central Regional Director

Mocha Tenise N. Hordge is a member of DFW- South. A Colorado native, Tenise has lived all over the country and has traveled all across the world, even living in Switzerland prior to starting a family in Texas. As a married mother of 2 young children, Tenise considers Mocha Moms "her tribe" and most recently served as Chapter President, DFW-South prior to becoming the South Central Regional Director. Tenise is currently the Director of Program Management and Transformation of a global medical device company and also recently launched a private lactation firm to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.

As the newly selected South Central Regional Director, Mocha Tenise aims to establish new chapters and both reinvigorate and reunite the membership within the region. In addition to enjoying down time with her husband and family, in her spare time, Tenise loves to binge watch shows on Netflix and cooking with her daughter.

To connect with Tenise, please email

Posted: March 22, 2021

Marriage Support Network

Brooke Hawkins, Marriage Support Network Director

This pandemic and quarantine have been challenging for all of us, especially as it relates to marriage. Pre-pandemic, most couples saw each other for a couple hours during the week, and maybe a few more hours on the weekend due to work, family obligations, and sometimes just the desire to have a break. But with most people having to work from home, or being laid off, couples are spending more time together than ever. I recall someone saying, "I didn’t sign up to be married 24/7!"

This is where the Marriage Support Network comes in handy. Just like Mocha Moms, Inc. is designed to offer support at every stage of motherhood, the Marriage Support Network is available for the same purpose. Being in close quarters with your spouse for close to a year can have varying effects on people. While some people have grown closer, others have started to feel boxed in and trapped. Both feelings are valid but sometimes you need the support of other married Mochas to make sense of it all.

To be clear, this network is not a substitution for therapy. We are not licensed or qualified to provide the type of assistance that some major marital problems require. There are no long couches over here!

But what the Network does offer is a safe space to request advice, receive information, and occasionally be challenged to go the extra mile in your marriage. Currently, members are involved in an Intimacy Challenge and every week they are given a task ranging from asking their spouse how they want to be loved; having a spontaneous date night; or indulging in self-care so they can be the best spouse they can be.

The Network also assists chapters in planning their Black Marriage Day and Single Parents’ Day celebrations. Though the Network is specifically for married Mochas, we show the utmost love and support to all of our single Mochas as well.

In the future, the Marriage Support Network would love to host mini marriage conferences that focus on intimacy, financial education, communication, etc. We are here to offer support in whatever capacity is needed.

Marriage, like motherhood, has its ups and downs and its unique challenges. I can’t think of a better way to conquer these challenges than with the judgment free support of my married Mochas.

We welcome any new current Mocha Moms, Inc. members and if you are interested, click HERE to join the network.

*Note: We understand that not all of our Mochas are married and I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage chapters to make sure they do not neglect their single members.

Posted: March 8, 2021

Homeschooling Network Is Here For You!

Onnikah Randolph, National Homeschooling Network Director

Now more than ever before, we as mothers have been called upon to not only be our child’s first teacher as a parent, but to also continue to educate them far beyond the "norm." For some of us Mochas, educationally, this pandemic has been no different than any other school year. And for some, like myself, we made a decision last school year to take on the responsibility of Homeschooling our children, our way, in our home. For MANY more Mochas, this pandemic has brought on far more of an educational load than we ever expected or even desired to engage in with our children. No matter the side of the spectrum you find yourself on as a Mocha, the Homeschooling Network is here for you.

The Homeschooling Network is here to be a safe haven as well as a resource for Mochas that are taking on the responsibility of homeschooling their child(ren). Homeschooling has so many layers as well as choices for us to make. You may be a Mocha that is schooling your child at home while they attend class with their local community school online daily. You may also be a Mocha that decided years ago that homeschooling is the best option for your child and family. Then there is also the Mocha that has been schooling their child at home during the pandemic and, somewhere along the way, is debating if you would like to take on homeschooling full time with your child(ren). No matter where you are in your homeschooling or schooling at home journey, the Homeschooling Network is available to be a resource.

As a homeschool network, we are here to provide support, education, resources, laughs, and even MORE support to one another. We understand the challenges and triumphs that can come along with homeschooling. We are here to discuss the topics that are of most importance to you. The Homeschooling Network is here to celebrate, be your sounding board and help you maintain your sanity throughout your homeschool journey. You are not alone. There are some homeschool Mochas that speak your language and have your back!

The Homeschooling Network encompasses a group of likeminded Mochas who are able to see and identify the need for and the benefits of homeschooling their children to become the best versions of themselves possible through a way that may not be viewed as the "norm" where you reside.

This network is a private network that is available to current members of Mocha Moms, Inc. only.

Members, feel free to join the Homeschooling Network HERE.  If you have any questions, about the network, please contact

Posted: February 22, 2021

Mocha Pink is Going Red!

On Friday, February 5, 2021, Mocha PINK is going RED! We're wearing red on National Wear Red Day to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease in women. Be sure to tag us with your photos on social media. #mochamoms #wearredday.

See important information for women's heart health:

Posted: February 1, 2021

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service

Tiffany Kerr, National Director of Community Service

The 26th Anniversary of a day "on," not a day "off."

As we take a moment to pause, reflect and honor the man who continues to inspire our nation, we remember the love that was emphasized in service and encouraged by how we treat one another. We think back with humility how much our people wanted equality no matter their race, color or creed. We strive to pass on this history and mission of servitude. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a reminder of the work we all can do.

2020 brought its challenges, resulting in so many people in need and struggling just to get by. Mocha Moms responded across the country and made it a priority to serve their local communities. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Mocha Moms strived to uphold consistent, meaningful service.

The National Board of Mocha Moms, Inc. congratulates each chapter and all members for thinking of others and sharing the spirit of Mocha love and service.

Mocha Moms, Inc. Serves Communities Nationwide!

Posted: January 18, 2021

Happy Holidays

This holiday season we hope that you and your families and loved ones are staying safe and healthy and finding creative ways to see and enjoy each other virtually. This year has been a long road full of twists and turns. We have experienced highs and lows, progress and setbacks, joy and devastation. We've marched and protested, voted and celebrated, masked up and quarantined inside, and we've been tested in more ways, literally and figuratively, than we could ever have imagined. We've had to adjust our busy lives and sadly, reflect on the lives of others. It's been rough and exhausting, and now...the holidays are here. Let's take a breath. Many of us will look back on this year of triumph and tragedy as a period in which resilience overcame despair, and hope conquered fear. As we celebrate this holiday season, we hope we all will take a moment to reflect on our many blessings. If there is anything that this year has taught us, it is that we must take precious care of ourselves and continue to practice gratitude daily. We are thankful for our great sisterhood, and deeply grateful that you have chosen to be on this journey with us.

On behalf of the Mocha Moms, Inc. National Board, we wish everyone a very happy holiday season full of peace, love and joy!

Much Mocha Love,

Kuae, Cheli, Kim, LaShaun, Shalaun, Danae and Tiffany
The National Board of Mocha Moms, Inc.


Posted: December 21 2020

Happy New Year!


Posted: January 1, 2021

Happy Holidays

This holiday season we hope that you and your families and loved ones are staying safe and healthy and finding creative ways to see and enjoy each other virtually. This year has been a long road full of twists and turns. We have experienced highs and lows, progress and setbacks, joy and devastation. We've marched and protested, voted and celebrated, masked up and quarantined inside, and we've been tested in more ways, literally and figuratively, than we could ever have imagined. We've had to adjust our busy lives and sadly, reflect on the lives of others. It's been rough and exhausting, and now...the holidays are here. Let's take a breath. Many of us will look back on this year of triumph and tragedy as a period in which resilience overcame despair, and hope conquered fear. As we celebrate this holiday season, we hope we all will take a moment to reflect on our many blessings. If there is anything that this year has taught us, it is that we must take precious care of ourselves and continue to practice gratitude daily. We are thankful for our great sisterhood, and deeply grateful that you have chosen to be on this journey with us.

On behalf of the Mocha Moms, Inc. National Board, we wish everyone a very happy holiday season full of peace, love and joy!

Much Mocha Love,

Kuae, Cheli, Kim, LaShaun, Shalaun, Danae and Tiffany
The National Board of Mocha Moms, Inc.


Posted: December 21 2020

#Giving Tuesday

Join us for the Mocha Moms, Inc. Holiday Fundraiser on #GivingTuesday, December 1, 2020 and beyond! Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps to support our national programs, chapters, members and the communities we serve. Mark your calendars for #GivingTuesday.

Mocha Moms, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is sisterhood, support and service. Through local chapters and online engagement, Mocha Moms, Inc. provides support, educational conferences, leadership seminars, webinars and workshops for women of color as they journey through all phases of motherhood while advocating for them nationally.

**All December 1, 2020 donations will be matched!**

Click HERE to make a donation.


Posted: November 30 2020

Mochapreneur Virtual Holiday Shopping Expo

Have you heard the news? It's that time of year again and we are excited that we are able to create an opportunity to support and engage Mocha Moms everywhere about their products and services. So if you are a vendor get ready to showcase to your sisters nationwide or if you are looking for that perfect gift that you haven't been able to find we hope that you will find it here. See below for our upcoming Shop Mocha Days details.

Thats right, It's time to SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP with Mocha discounts for the holiday season at our Mochapreneur Virtual Holiday Shopping Expo!

This year, we have a bit of a twist! Shopping begins LIVE on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 9:00 pm (ET) via Zoom for Mochas and guests. Attendees can see products worn or displayed, ask questions and SAVE!

Join us LIVE every Tues, Dec 1-29, 2020
at 9:00 pm (ET) via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 867 9266 1925

Mochapreneurs are invited to offer Mocha discounts for the holiday season at our Mochapreneur Virtual Holiday Shopping Expo.

Mochapreneur Vendors - REGISTER HERE!

Submissions will be reviewed and slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

We encourage you to SHOP MOCHA Black Owned Businesses this holiday season. Join us in helping Mocha Businesses thrive!


Posted: November 23, 2020

Holiday Spending

Kim Scott, National Treasurer

Although the holidays are a happy time of year for most, the holidays also bring added stress and anxiety for others due to the amount of money that is usually spent on entertaining and gifts. Proper planning and a change in outlook can help to minimize the angst that can occur during this happy season. Since Christmas is always on the 25th of December we can plan our spending a year in advance if we want. Listed below are some tips on easing the pain of holiday spending.

  • Create a holiday spending budget – Set an amount of money that you will spend to purchase gifts. Regardless of the amount you set, use cash for all purchases and do not use any credit cards. If necessary, start a Christmas savings fund to save your budgeted amount in advance. Getting into debt should never be an option when spending for the holidays.
  • Make a list – Prepare a list of items that you will purchase as gifts. When shopping, stick to the list and do not get sucked into the holiday “deals” and extras that will be displayed in the stores. Stay focused!
  • Shop sales – Everything on your list will be on sale numerous times throughout the year. In order to get the best deal, only purchase items when they are on sale. Shopping online makes it easy to buy items when they are on sale. Sign up with your favorite stores to get sale notifications and coupons that you can use when purchasing gifts. Many stores offer price matching so always shop around to get the lowest price.
  • Give the gift of service – Give the gift of baked goods, babysitting, cleaning a home, organizing an office, etc. We all have talents and services that we can lend to others that can be true gifts to them.


Posted: November 23, 2020

A Special Welcome To Our Newest Mocha Sisters - Mocha Moms of Gwinnett County, GA!

We are excited to announce our newest chapter GA-Gwinnett County. Let's all welcome our new Mochas to our sisterhood!

Posted: November 2, 2020

Breast Cancer Facts


  • Second most common cancer diagnosed in women
  • 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime
  • 1 in 39 women will succumb to breast cancer
  • 64% of breast cancers will be local
  • 99% - 5 year survival rate
  • Over 3.5 million breast cancer SURVIVORS in the U.S. alone
  • Death rates from breast cancer have consistently DECLINED since the 1990's

Hereditary Cancer Screenings

- Blood Testing

  • Inherited changes in genes

- Positive results may not result in cancer diagnosis
- NOT a substitute for self breast examination and
- Helpful in those who have

  • Many 1st generation relatives with cancer
  • Many relatives on one side of the family with the same type of cancer
  • Family member with more than 1 type of cancer
  • Family member with early onset of cancer
  • Family member with rare cancer
  • Physical finding linked to cancer
  • Family members who have been tested & have same genetic mutation
  • Are of a certain ethnicity (Ashkenazi Jew)


Posted: October 26, 2020

Pink Ribbon Sisterhood

To our Mocha Pink Ribbon Sisters, we fight with you. Click HERE for more information on breast health.

Posted: October 19, 2020

Meet Our New California State Coordinator

Stephanie Hazzard holds a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from National University. She currently serves as a Lead Program Coordinator at A Change in Trajectory, a non-profit agency aimed at narrowing the gap between the developmental path of individuals with special needs and those who are neurotypical. In this role, she manages, coordinates and oversees a team of 10+ staff members. Committed to supporting marginalized populations, Ms. Hazzard is continuing her education by pursuing her Doctorate Degree at NorthCentral University. Her Marriage and Family Therapy studies will allow her to focus on biases within the mental health field towards Black patients.

Ms. Hazzard is a gifted public speaker who is passionate about helping women, mothers and teens achieve their God given potential. She aims to empower people in the most vulnerable communities by identifying their strengths and helping them reach their goals. Ms. Hazzard is currently the Co-President of The San Fernando Valley Mocha Moms Chapter, and has recently accepted the position as the California State Coordinator for Mocha Moms, Inc. She is the proud mother of three amazing children and is developing her non-profit organization, "Stir It Up Inc," which will provide crucial mental health support to the underserved populations.

Posted: October 19, 2020

Mocha Moms, Inc. Voting Action Plan

Tiffany Kerr, National Director of Community Service

Community service is still in effect! As we prepare for fall and winter, and this election season, it's time to think of ways we can still serve our communities, whether it is virtually or individually as a person. Although Covid-19 has continued to keep us in this pandemic, we still have a job to do. Why? Because we have dedicated ourselves to an organization that encourages the love we have for one another in sisterhood, the support we share as mothers and the duty we have to serve other mothers and families.

One of the most important elections is fast approaching and Mocha Moms, Inc. wants to work together, in action, to make sure all mothers of color across the country register on time and vote on November 3rd. But, we must be vigilant and steadfast during this time to encourage each other and the people we know to VOTE. We must serve our communities in an effective way that promotes the importance and civic right of this year's election.

Collectively with our National "Our Families Matter" Campaign, we are initiating a National "Voting Action Plan."

Nationals has dedicated efforts to updating our website and Mocha Mondays with pertinent voter information, an election day countdown reminder and weekly community service tips related to voting. Chapter leaders are being asked to dedicate at least (1) event towards the action of voting as part of a community service project.

Join US! In ACTION! By spreading awareness about why it's so important to VOTE!

Posted: September 28, 2020

Happy 23rd Anniversary Mocha Moms, Inc.!

Cheli English-Figaro, Esq., Co-Founder and National Board Member, Mocha Moms, Inc.

Twenty-three years ago this month, something extraordinary happened. Four Black women who lived in Prince George's County, Maryland and self-identified as stay-at-home mothers, banned together to form a revolutionary organization.

When Jolene Ivey, Karla Chutz, Joby Dupree and I decided that the newsletter for African American at-home moms that Jolene and Karla had created should become a living, breathing organization with members all over the country, we knew we were making history. At that time, the American economy was experiencing the type of growth and prosperity which allowed many mothers to leave full-time employment outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families. In fact, a number of national organizations for at-home moms were formed in the 1980's and 1990's. However, the general perception was that Black at-home mothers, particularly well-educated ones, did not exist.

Mocha Moms, Inc. was created, in part, to set the record straight. Actively supporting Black at-home moms was essential because that choice did not align with any part of African-American history or culture. As a result, deciding to become an at-home mom was a choice that was not always accepted or appreciated by their extended families. Mocha Moms, Inc. was a safe haven for them.

Times have certainly changed since 1997 and Mocha Moms, Inc. has evolved to meet the changing needs of our members. While we still wholeheartedly support and embrace mothers who choose to be at-home moms, we have broadened our scope to explicitly support moms who are employed full-time outside or inside the home as well.

The Mocha Moms, Inc. mission is Sisterhood, Support and Service.

It has been a remarkable 23 years. In 1997, Jolene, Karla, Joby and I had the support of a magnificent group of moms who helped put Mocha Moms, Inc. on the map. Twenty-three years later there are no words to express my gratitude for the hundreds of Mocha leaders who worked tirelessly and selflessly over the years to carry the mission and purpose forward. I am especially grateful for the current National Board who continue to pour their life's blood into the organization.

I am also thankful for the thousands of members who have caught the vision of Mocha Moms, Inc. since its inception and have allowed it to be a part their lives. I don't know what the next 23 years will hold, but I know they will be Mochalicious!

Happy 23rd Anniversary Mochas!

Click HERE to watch our 23rd Anniversary video. Be sure to also subscribe to the Mocha Moms, Inc. YouTube channel.

Posted: September 21, 2020

Mocha Sheroes

For the month of September 2020, we are celebrating Mocha SHE-roes. Many of our Mochas are frontline and essential employees who have worked tirelessly during COVID19 to ensure our health & safety. These Mochas work in public safety, hospitals & emergency services, food services, transportation, communication, financial services and so much more. If you are a Mocha frontline or essential worker or know someone who is, please submit the information HERE. We want to celebrate YOU via Mocha Monday and social media.

Posted: June 29, 2020

My Son is in Jail

Cheli English-Figaro, Esq., Co-Founder and National Board Member, Mocha Moms, Inc.

My son is under House-arrest. Whose house? Mine. Who put him there? Me. The length of his sentence? Life. His crime? He was born black.

On any given day in America, an unarmed young black man will be killed by the police. Another black mother will experience the unimaginable grief, pain and misery of knowing that her child was killed by a person sworn to protect and serve, but who, in fact, had no regard for her son's humanity.

My son is 26 years old, tall, brown and lanky. In other words, it is open season on him and every other man who looks like him. It doesn't matter that he graduated college with honors and works full time while pursuing a Master's degree. It doesn't matter that he is active in our church and is a leader in ministry. It doesn't matter that he is the son of two parents with doctorate level degrees. It doesn't matter that his younger sisters look up to him or that he helps care for his disabled grandmother.

When my son leaves my house, America sees him as a menace and a monster who does not deserve to jog in a park, walk into a store or drive his car without being hunted down and murdered in cold blood. He is disposable to them. He has a gigantic target on his back. He is just another n——-.

What, as black mothers, are we supposed to do? We pray. We cry. We protest. We raise good sons and daughters. We teach them to respect authority. We teach them to value education. We parent them with intention. It does not matter.

And we, unfortunately, are dying right along with our children. High blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic health conditions plague black women at a wildly disproportionate rate. We know that the chronic stress, anguish and anxiety that accompany raising Black children in America are at least partly to blame.

I don't have the solution. But we had better put our collective heads together to find one. Now!

Posted: June 8, 2020

Mocha Moms Call to Police

As the life was being choked out of George Floyd, he called out, "Mama!" Our sons and daughters are calling for us and we will answer. We will stand. This cancer of racism is killing our kids and it needs to end. Bringing an end to racism is a tall order and big job. We will start by re-issuing our 2016 call to police. This letter was sent to a national police organization in 2016. It is shameful that the only change needed to reissue this letter is the addition of the two Minnesota cities where protests are breaking out now.

Today, we're not only reissuing this letter nationally, our local chapters are also sending it to their local police and sheriffs' departments, and we're asking other Moms' groups and women's organizations to join us by also signing on and sending the letter themselves. Click here for full details.

Posted: May 29, 2020

Census Day

It's not a joke! April 1 is the official census date. This is the date you should have in mind when filling out the census. Where do you live as of April 1, 2020? Who else is living in your home as of April 1, 2020? This is the date that matters for answering the questions on the census.

Filling out the census is so important! How you answer those questions determines what communities get resources, and how many of those resources. At this time, when we're faced with so many uncertainties, resources matter. A lot. So, please, don't take this lightly. And remember, today, April 1, 2020 is not a deadline, but it is the reference date.

Posted: April 1, 2020

Mocha Moms, Inc. Statement on Coronavirus

With the spread of the Coronavirus, Mocha Moms, Inc. is urging caution. As of today, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reporting 423 cases in 35 states. So far, 19 people have died in the United States. Please stay informed and make the best decisions for you, your families, and your chapters.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is actually a family of viruses that mainly is spread person-to-person, between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) or through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. You can also get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your mouth, nose, or possibly eyes.

The virus is very contagious and potentially fatal, especially to older people and those with compromised immune systems and other underlying health and respiratory problems like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. If you or a family member has any of these problems, we encourage you to take extra precautions, and consider staying at home as much as possible.

To protect yourself and your family, please:

  • Take everyday preventive actions to stay healthy.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Follow public health advice regarding school closures, avoiding crowds and other social distancing measures.
  • Stay informed. CDC's COVID-19 Situation Summary will be updated regularly as information becomes available.

We realize many of you are planning Black Marriage Day, Sister Social, community service, Tweens & Teens and other events. We want to be sensitive to the work you have done and schedules that are already in place, but we also want to ensure all Mocha chapters are taking necessary safety precautions.

Please be sure to check the CDC's website to stay informed and make the best decisions for you, your families, and your chapters. Be sure to stay vigilant and keep in mind that information changes daily.

Posted: March 9, 2020

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