Solicitation Policy

Mochas Moms, Inc. has a strict no-solicitation policy. The purpose is to maintain member privacy and to prevent our members from being pressured or pitched in any way. Chapters may create di-rectories or sponsor home-based business forums or other opportunities for Mochas to exchange information about their businesses and other vendors. Chapters can and should support Mocha businesses by:

  • Creating directories
  • Sponsoring home based business forums
  • Designating social media/group chat days (Facebook, Instagram, GroupMe, Band, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, forums, websites, etc.)
  • Place ads in the chapter newsletter and/or website
  • Hold "Mompreneur" events for their members and the public
  • Actively participate in the Mochapreneur Network which provides support for Mocha Moms who own their own businesses

With the exception of the above sanctioned events, the solicitation of Mocha Moms, Inc. supporters for any purpose or cause unrelated to Mocha Moms, Inc. by outside vendors and/or Mocha Moms, Inc. supporters via phone lists, snail-mail, e-mail, group chats, social media, during Sister Social Meetings, moms-only events, or any other Mocha Moms Inc. sponsored event is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, solicitations by and for vendors, work-at-home Mochas or Mochas who own home-based businesses, religious organizations, political activities, candidates or parties, and/or other personal causes.

Further, as close friendships are formed between Mochas, nothing in this policy is meant to re-strict "Beyond Mocha" friends from communicating with each other about business opportunities or products for purchase, so long as such communication are strictly made to "Beyond Mocha" friends.

Violation of this policy can result in suspension or revocation of your membership as a supporter and/or chapter privilege.

At the discretion of the National Board, the national office will work on behalf of Mocha supporters to secure "Mocha" benefits, perks, and special offers, exclusive to our supporters from our partners, sponsors, and select corporations. These benefits will be shared with all supporters to take advantage of at their individual discretion. We will continue to keep our member database proprietary and will coordinate these types of solicitations directly through the national office.


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