Bio: Brooke N. Hawkins, Marriage Support Network Director

Brooke N. Hawkins joined Mocha Moms, Inc. in February 2010 after becoming an accidental stay-at-home.  Since becoming a Mocha, she has held the positions of secretary, vice-president, social media coordinator, and co-president in both the Southern Prince George’s and Silver Spring chapters.

She passionately, consistently, and persistently pushes the Mocha agenda through her social media platforms and to friends and family members she know would benefit from joining. "Mocha Moms gave me a sense of purpose at a time when I was a brand new mommy, newly laid off, and living with my parents. The moms embraced me then and continue to encourage and inspire me to be the best wife and mommy I can possibly be," she said.

She and her husband Paul married in 2013 and they are the proud parents of 9-year-old Jacob and 4-year-old Autumn.  In an effort to share both her struggles and triumphs as a wife and mother, she started a blog called Mom of 2 Wife of One where she tackles subjects like the importance of communication, balancing motherhood and marriage, and catering to her own needs. Brooke loves what Mocha Moms stands for and is excited to embark on this journey as the new Marriage Support Program Coordinator!





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