Jolene Ivey

My parents divorced when I was 3 and my brother was 6, and our Dad raised us (with help from my grandma) until he remarried when I was turning 7. My step-mom, Gee Gee, retired when I was in middle school. I thought it was wonderful to come home after school to her! My brother and I were latch-key children until then, so I really appreciated having her there. That's what made me want to be an at-home mom. Fortunately, when I married my husband, Glenn, in 1988, he was already on board with my plan. I got pushback from some family members. They saw me do well in school, work in television and as a Press Secretary to Congressman (now Senator) Ben Cardin, and they thought it was a mistake for me to change tracks from career to home. Glenn and I are the parents to 5 sons, all adults now, and 2 of whom are married (one married a woman with a daughter who is now 11). Glenn also has an older daughter. She is also married with a 2-year old son. I changed tracks, once again, when our youngest son was in school and I ran for public office for the first time in 2006. I've served as a delegate in the Maryland General Assembly and just won re-election to my current seat on the Prince George's County Council. I love being able to use the lessons and wisdom that have come from being a mother and translating them into policies that help the whole community.

Being a Co-Founder
Sometimes you'll hear someone express surprise at what an organization or business they've started has become. I am not at all surprised at the growth and impact of Mocha Moms. It's exactly what the four of us envisioned over many cups of coffee and the occasional pink cake :). Karla, Cheli, Joby and I started meeting regularly, with our children playing around us, talking and planning for the group. We wanted to have a place for moms like us to get together and support and learn from each other. We wanted to find ways to contribute to the community. We wanted our children to establish friendships, and we wanted the group to grow. After months of careful planning, we finally had our first playgroup, and it was a HIT! I'm so proud of Mocha Moms. Everytime I hear a member giving testimony of how impactful the group is to her and her motherhood journey, I'm glad that the four of us got together and said, "Let's take this from being a newsletter and make it into a group." The chapters that were soon birthed and the friendships forged have been lasting. Thanks to all for believing in the vision, and doing the work to make it a reality.




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